Sunny Juan, certified KonMari Consultant San Diego, California, USA

Sunny Juan, certified KonMari Consultant
San Diego, California, USA

Marie Kondo "KonMari", author of "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

Marie Kondo "KonMari",
author of "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

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Hello, my name is Sunny Juan, I live in Sunny San Diego, California. I am originally from the wonderful island Taiwan and I moved to San Diego in 1996.

I am a Online Professional Organizing Coach. I teach people how to organize their homes with the life changing magic of tidying up. By completing the process of tidying up their home, they will learn to live a life that sparks joy!

I was very disorganized and living in a very cluttered environment because I didn’t have the knowledge on how to organize until we bought our first home. The house was in terrible condition so it took us 8 years to renovate it into our dream home. During that time, I learned everything I could about interior design, gardening, and home organization. That allowed me to maintain an organized and beautiful home. Little did I know this became my future career training.

During 2011 and 2013 I was working as a teacher’s assistant where I also helped to organize her classroom. I was suddenly laid off due to the budget cuts, however, a few days before the next school year started a teacher contacted me to help organize her classroom because she was overwhelmed with the disorganization. Another teacher admired the results of my work and came to me in a panic and asked me if I had time for her classroom.

This was the moment I realized people would actually pay me to organize for them and that’s when I started my own business as a Professional Organizer.   

I absolutely LOVE what I do as an Professional Organizer. It is so rewarding knowing I can help people to declutter, organize, and enjoy a better life.  Comparing the before and after photos of my projects and seeing the joy on my client’s faces is like the ultimate trophy!


Despite my best efforts to help every client to organize their space, I noticed a very small percentage of my clients were back where they started regardless of the organizing solutions I created for them. For these clients, the problem is that they continue to collect more but do not discard at the same time.  Finally I realized, I need to teach my clients to actually fish not just hand them the fish because in the end my goal is to help them to make decisions and enjoy a better life through the tidying process instead of me coming back to organize for them.


This was when I had the idea to introduce the Konmari method to my clients. Marie Kondo aka “Konmari” is a Japanese organizing consultant and author of the bestselling book “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up”. The English version was released in 2014 and also quickly became a New York’s Bestseller. Her philosophy for organizing is “only keep the things that spark joy and discard everything else”. I have completed tidying up my entire house by using the Konmari method and it was truly the life changing magic experience for me.


Marie Kondo started to offer training seminars for Konmari consultants in late 2016 outside of Japan, due to huge demand by her readers from all over the world. I attended her seminar in San Francisco in December 2016 and had the pleasure to meet Marie Kondo in person and was surrounded by 60 like-minded individuals. I learned powerful information and was very inspired by her dream to “Organize The World” and wanted to be apart of it.

I have become a Konmari consultant in August 2017.


My ultimate goal is to share the KonMari philosophy and the method to teach people about tidying, simplifying, and organizing. After completing the “once-in-a-lifetime tidying marathon” you will experience the life changing magic of tidying up and to live a life that sparks joy everyday just as I did.