Here's just a small sampling of working with Sunny for The Magic Of Tidying Up from the clients that Sunny has helped! 


Sunny could not be more aptly named. She is a joy to be around and filled with a light creative energy that delivers. I have so enjoyed working with her - she is full of ideas that not only work but are big time savers. I'm so glad I met her when I did. Thank you Sunny!



Sunny is "sunny" inside and out and she brings this amazing disposition to her work and life. She understands the impact of clutter and disorganization, and has made it her life's work to help us all get clear in order to create beautiful species to spark joy in our life.



Sunny did not just help me to organize my closet and office, she also taught me how to do it by myself. She is willing to share her passion of spark joy life to everyone and use positive and kind words to encourage us. Thank you so much.


Sunny is amazing! She has such a wonderful positive energy and is a go-getter. You know that she's completely committed to the project and will go above and beyond for great results. Her additional service shopping for organizational furniture and supplies is such a helpful added touch. I love her in depth videos that teach you how to fold, what a wonderful resource that you can watch as many times as you want! I think all of her gorgeous before and after pictures speak for themselves - this consultant is going places book her before her waiting list fills up - you'll be so glad you did!!!


Sunny is so amazing! She has been such an inspiration to me in just a short amount of time. She always has a positive, can-do attitude and is such a hard worker! She has inspired me to get my life in order and start tidying my entire house. I have started the process of decluttering and finding only the things that "Spark Joy"! I love working with Sunny and am so lucky to have met her!


Wow — what a gem is Sunny!  I had just moved and needed help.  Feeling overwhelmed we found Sunny on Google and hired her immediately.  She is extremely hard working, has great ideas, reliable and diligent, What a surprise to also find out that Sunny  has excellent design skills too!  My entire home is so organized, neat and tidy that I can find whatever I need now. With Sunny help our home looks like a model home! She is absolutely amazing, really!  Her pricing is fabulous too!  If you need help with getting your home, apartment, office, closet, garage, backyard, basically anything organized Sunny is the person to call!  I promise you, you will not be disappointed!!!!!


Sunny is so talented at organization! I am an elementary school teacher. On the last day of the previous school year, I just wanted to clean up my classroom asap in order to enjoy my summer break. Therefore, I shove everything into my cabinets without sorting or organizing. At the beginning of the school year, I was so overwhelmed by all of materials stocked in my cabinets and didn’t know where to start. Sunny took care of it! She also offered me a lot of good tips to stay organized. You will be luck to have her!


Sunny is excellent! For about a year I had been working from home in an "office" that also served as a craft room and spare bedroom. Needless to say, it was cluttered and not conducive to efficient work on my part. I can't believe how quickly I was able to turn it around once Sunny got there. Once we went through everything and pulled out the throwaway and giveaway parts, it was like she has organizer vision. She could look at piles of stuff on the ground and know exactly how it would fit into the closet. Working with her for 2 sessions also improved my organizational skills overall and has inspired me to re-do cabinets and other parts of the house. Cannot recommend enough!!


My kitchen used to be messy and disorganized until I called Sunny to rescue! She was very professional and friendly. She was able to see through all the mess and envision the final results. She also helped me create new storage systems which I can maintain. My kitchen is now functional, organized and beautiful! I really enjoy being in my newly organized kitchen, all thanks to Sunny!! I would highly recommend Sunny Juan to anyone who needs an organizer!


Congrats on finding Sunny! You are one step away from a brand new life. I had always wanted to organize my master bedroom but did not quite know how (the rest of my house is presentable though). Finally, my husband 's birthday became the best incentive for me to tackle the problem area. I decided to hire a professional to organize our master bedroom.  After all, the man deserved a sensual zone with his wife. I then contacted Sunny. I told her my agenda and schedule and she gladly took the challenge.

Sunny and I worked together while my husband was away during Labor Day weekend. Her strong work ethics truly surprised me. We were so concentrated on our project and worked like non-stop the first day. Don't worry-You get breaks. She knew this project was a birthday present for my husband so she push herself hard to deliver the result. 

The end result was many "WOWs" from my husband after he returned from his trip. As of today, he still doesn't know I had a secret weapon and let's keep it this way! However, the rest of you deserve the truth. Trust me, your room even your mind would be blown away after Sunny takes over.